Where North by Shakespeare Goes South


In the 2021 book “North by Shakespeare” researchers Dennis McCarthy and June Schlueter concluded that Thomas North drafted the original plays of Shakespeare. North had penned them for his patron Robert Dudley, the first earl of Leicester, and Shakespeare revised these plays,and crafted them into the masterpieces we know and love today.

There is one big problem with this theory. NO plays of Thomas North have ever been found so most Shakespeare scholars claim the theory is “implausible”. Two years later, real estate broker and author Robert Boog has come up with an interesting ghostwriter theory that explains all the borrowings, as well as the many smoking guns of the North theory which become more like leaky water pistols. Boog claims the answer is simple. North never wrote them. Instead, a ghostwriter translated The Dial of Princes (the versions from 1568 and 1582) and also rendered Plutarch’s Lives. The same ghostwriter who wrote the poems, sonnets, and plays attributed to William Shakespeare.

Thomas North alone translated Doni, and the 1557 version of the Diall, but comparing these two versions allows us to plainly see how the translation styles differ. One is word-for-word and the other is embellished.

Read Where North by Shakespeare Goes South and you will understand that William Shakespeare did not borrow extensively from Thomas North because William Shakespeare never wrote anything. Someone else did.



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