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Is this a picture of the real Shakespeare?

Hang Shakespeare takes an interesting deep dive into the conspiracy of Shakespeare’s true identity. With compelling evidence, a tongue-in-cheek approach, and a bit of wit, Boog weaves a convincing argument that will at minimum guarantee a heated dinner-table debate.”

“Being relatively unfamiliar with the authorship question, I went into the book relatively unaware. I didn’t think it was much more than a crazy conspiracy theory.
However, this book definitely changed my mind on the issue. While not agreeing with everything is said in the book, there are a lot of convincing and well-thought-out arguments. The book definitely lends more credibility to the theory and has a lot of new ideas!
Robert Boog also invites the reader to investigate the issue on their own and it feels like one is solving this mystery oneself.
I would recommend this to anyone who has an interest in the works “of William Shakespeare” 😉 It’s worth a read for both people unfamiliar with the authorship question, as well as Shakespeare scholars.”

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Review of Hang Shakespeare

Ever see a comedy show where a comedian points out something obvious, and you laugh about it? Hang Shakespeare is like that. You would not think a “serious” subject like this even seems necessary because everyone knows Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare, right? WRONG and Mr. Boog is funny. He has a keen eye for observing the little things in life and his observations about Shakespeare make perfect sense. Naturally, there will be people who will probably HATE this book because it goes against the sacred idea that only Shakespeare wrote all the sonnets and plays. But if you keep your options open and know that 90’s rap music sounds much different from classical, it makes sense. Best of all, the book is written in a conversational tone, has a convincing argument, and yes, I liked it.

I liked the way you communicated with the reader. I must say, I normally would not choose this kind of book but it is one of the most interesting and interactive books I’ve ever read.

When someone claims, “the emperor has no clothes” and refers to William Shakespeare, he had better have the goods to back up his claims. In his book, “Hang Shakespeare” non-expert author and amateur songwriter Robert Boog of Los Angeles wants us to believe he has made some new observations that for over 400 years others have missed. So, I must admit, I was quite skeptical. I did not think I would see anything new; much less end up liking this book. But surprisingly, Mr. Boog, does provide a fair amount of fresh ideas on the 400-year-old SAD mystery. My only quibble is that for someone who claims NOT to be an expert, he does talk like one. (He quotes the sonnets, various plays and characters. And often.) Boog, who speaks Spanish, points out double-negatives, Italian phrases, astronomy, astrology and even compares bi-polar disorder in both Shakespeare and Edward de Vere. He certainly sounds like an expert, either that, or Boog has more time on his hands than most of us. Yet there is a certain charm about the conversational tone of this book that makes it a quick and easy read. In conclusion, Mr. Boog encourages us to do our own investigation and while he may see the emperor naked, others of us may not be so inclined, but we must respect Mr. Boog for his clever wit, humor and adding to the authorship question.

Hang Shakespeare picture of the picture people often believe is Shakespeare
This is the typical picture of Shakespeare

Negative Review of Hang Shakespeare

Robert Boog may well be the stupidest Oxfordian I’ve ever interacted with- which in itself is a special achievement but I will give him props for admitting that he’s done no special research into this book when that’s an admittance you otherwise have to tease from the normal Oxfordian.

Author’s note: The sad truth is this: there is NO special research needed. About 98% of what is known about WS is found in the Sonnets, plays and 4 poems of the First Folio. So read these things and you can be called an “expert” too! Please note, in the 1930’s, an attempt to write Shakespeare’s autobiography was written by E.K. Chambers and I do include it in the Resources page of my book which is only one page long. I did not read every book on WS because I didn’t need to. I was only looking at the authorship issue.

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Review 2 of Hang Shakespeare by Robert Boog

The book Hang Shakespeare! By Robert Boog honestly has become one of the gems I’m happy to add to my reading library. Robert uses wit, humor and common sense and then takes the foundations of the works we believed for so long to be Shakespeare’s and turns our eyes to the suspicions of literary minds and historians that perhaps Shakespeare did not actually write any of his works. Definitely a great read for anyone who enjoys a historical minded mystery or anyone in general who enjoys a bit of historical research.

Review #3 of Hang Shakespeare by Robert Boog

This is a fairly unusual book . I liked the cover which gives an idea it might detail secret messages and hinted at possible conspiracy theory – admittedly not my usual choice but as an English graduate and teacher, this did intrigue me. I have heard many times over the years that Shakespeare did not write his own works. I have heard that they were actually written by several different names including a black woman named Amelia Bassano. I felt that this is an interesting topic to cover. It was warm, funny and quite familiar in tone, nothing like the stuffy textbooks one might expect to encounter when researching such subject matter and oddly, I liked the mention of your wife which happened a few times throughout and gave the same warm feeling each time. I was interested, curious and hooked! The book made sense and was well set out. I could follow the argument quite easily. I felt there was some repetition at the end.

Review #4 of Hang Shakespeare by Robert Boog

As another reader already said, this is like a small gem: precious, and polished. Priceless. It’s an interesting and fun book which was paced well and had plenty to keep me engaged. I loved it!

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Review #5 of Hang Shakespeare

From the author of two romantic comedy books that will make you smile and want more (The Real Estate Rookie and “Is She the One”) comes ” Hang Shakespeare”. Robert Boog’s narrative makes the book an “easy read” and highly captivating. He knows his way about engaging readers by cleverly turning a phrase and/or mixing in a dose of humor along with offering facts and his original insights. Usually, “boring” is the word I would use to describe a book on Shakespeare but from the very start where he points out a phrase “hang Shakespeare” that has been hiding in plain sight for over 400 years to the apparent signs of the “real” author’s mental illness, he makes connections that now seem obvious and yet are highly original. I have never heard anyone else mention these things. Normally I will need to recap several times, however, the commendable work of the writer ensured that everything was understood with a single read. Robert used relatable examples and illustrations to help convey his point. Quite frankly, this made me slowly fall in love with the book. Also, what makes the book distinct is how his arguments are logical and practical. Robert vividly explains his suspicions about Shakespeare’s work derived from the bard’s own poetry and sonnets. Boog points out the anomalies from Shakespeare’s poems and sonnets and analyzes them perfectly to build suspense which makes readers want to not only find out more about this unresolved mystery but to join in as well! So Bravo on that.

Review of Hang Shakespeare

Hang Shakespeare deserves critical acclaim for it is an absolute triumph and a real spectacle. If you haven’t read it, do something about that. It’s a real treat!!!

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