Shakey’s Madness by Robert Boog

Ever hear that William Shakespeare did NOT write the poems, plays, and sonnets attributed to him? Then look no further! Shakey's Madness: Does a Mental Disorder Reveal the "Real" William Shakespeare explains a NEW theory. A psychiatrist actually told me that I was the first person in 400 years to come up with this idea. The 140-page ebook, if purchased here is about $2.40 and if purchased on Amazon or other booksites comes out to a little over $3.00 - so you will enjoy a whopping savings! It's not about the money. I mean, does everything have to be about making money? My hope is that you will read it with an eye towards talking about something interesting. Something other than politics, the price of gas and religion. Won't you take a look? Maybe high schools and colleges will require students studying Shakespeare to read this book.

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Shakey's Madness

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Edward DeVere, the 17th earl of Oxford

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