Hang Shakespeare

Shakespeare solved in 2020 by Robert Boog
Should this man be hanged?

Hang Shakespeare by Robert Boog

Today is February 10, 2020.

On Christmas Day, 2019, my wife and I watched a documentary on Amazon Prime titled, Nothing is Truer than Truth. In this film, writer/director Cheryl Eagan-Donovan takes viewers on a boat ride through various cities of Italy to see the places once encountered by Edward De Vere, the 17th earl of Oxford back in 1575. Then, only 25 years old, Oxford journeyed to Italy to collect experiences which some scholars claim were used to write the plays, poems and sonnets of the "real" William Shakespeare. According to Ms.Donovan, the earl may have been bisexual and could have lost his title, property and life if discovered. To avoid detection, he used a country bumpkin named Shakespeare to act as his pseudonym and stand-in.

Throughout this scenic film, we discover many lovely chapels, murals and buildings; but it also makes us pause and reflect on how so many of these places still look as though they haven’t been washed since Oxford last visited in 1576.

About a month later, Jan 27th, to be exact, I discovered  my wife and I did NOT share a unanimous view on this movie. She thought the film presented a "snobbish" view - how only the elite could have great imaginations but not country folks. My wife is Hispanic and gets touchy when people of color get put down.

So I decided to do my own research and like most people who sell real estate for a living, I did it all online. I made a quick Wikipedia search, followed by a YouTube search and then I reached out on Facebook. I asked, "Any thoughts about who really authored the plays of William Shakespeare?" I got two responses: “Who cares?” and it's “Much ado about Nothing.”

Now, most people might have given up, but because I HAVE played the bard a few times at Starbucks (I mean, who hasn't left the name Shakespeare with a barista, right?) I continued onward with my investigation. I wanted to know why current scholars have not accepted the Oxford theory? After all, it made PERFECT sense to me. It was then that I came across a free e-book titled, Shakespeare Bites Back. This e-book was apparently written for dumb people like me who needed to have the authorship question explained in 40 short pages, so I eagerly downloaded it.

Shakespeare Bites Back!

In their e-book titled, Shakespeare Bites Back - Not so Anonymous authors Rev. Dr. Paul Edmondston and Stanley Wells claim that because no person has ever doubted Stratford's authorship for over 300 years, why start doubting it now? Me: Why not?

They go on to say that Stratford is the ONLY individual who could have written the works attributed to William Shakespeare. Why? Basically because contemporary writers of Stratford have said so. In addition, deniers of Stratford have no sense of humor and should be labeled "Anti-Shakespeareans". ME: And they say clowns taste funny too.

Shakespeare solved new and updated for 2020

Finally, the authors recommend that before listening to any "wild fringe theory" one should first ask to see proof of the person’s claimant. Why? Because at last count there were 77 people claiming to be the “real” Shakespeare. Why should one claimant be any more valid than another?

I guess that makes sense, but their argument didn't seem very convincing. Nevertheless,I felt compelled to view the First Folio and re-read the strange poem by Ben Jonson, and that's when I noticed something. So I did a few more Google and Wikipedia searches and found some answers, but here's the thing: I'm lazy. Now, don't take my word for it, feel free to ask my wife. I feel certain she will verify it. If you are a Stratford scholar, perhaps you can answer one tiny question I have about Hamlet. It will probably be a piece of cake for you, but it's something that bothers me.

But first, per the request of authors Edmonston and Welles, I want to show you the proof of my nominee. Also I would like to go on record as being the second Anti-Shakespearean because Ben Jonson deserves the first spot. His plea, written over 400 years ago, reminds me of Princess Leia, stretching out her hand across time and space as she repeatedly implores,"Help me Obe-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope. Help me Obe-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope." Now, you may think I'm crazy, but please allow me to show you what I've found because I strongly believe there is only one true author; and it is NOT the man from Stratford.

This is the First Page of the Folio with an introduction by Ben Jonson. I like to solve Sudoku puzzles and sometimes I write songs. Now, I can't claim they're GOOD songs but you can check them out on YouTube or Spotify.

The weird poem by Ben Jonson, a friend of the "real" Shakespeare

Okay. See the line, "O, could he but have drawne his wit"? The word "drawne" drew my attention. I thought the Renaissance word "drawde" might have fit better. At least, that's what I had thought. Also, I wondered why the extra "o" in out-doo?

Then I realized, "drawde" is an anagram for Edward and I noticed something: read the letters to the left, almost straight down. They spell another name:

D-E-V-E-R-E, right? Sorry, guess I'm a little sloppy.

 Stratfordians may argue "that's not fair! He's cheating!" Why? Because I'm using half of the letter "W" as the "V" in DeVere's name. But don't blame me for the inconsistent typesetting. It appears they used two "V"s to create one "W" and sometimes a "V" is used as a "U".

Next, if we look down from the top left, you can see the three capital letters spell out TWO. Just below that is a capital "H" and if you follow the capital letters upward in a diagonal direction, you will see they form the word "Hang" followed by the word Shakespeare. "Hang Shakespeare" but not DeVere. Looke in his Booke. Why?

Could it be that Ben Jonson, who personally knew both men, has left us a secret message? After all, back in those days, thiefs were hung!

 Ben Jonson, the author of the Folio's title poem personally knew both men. According to my know-it-all friend, Mr. Google, Stratford died in 1616 and the First Folio came out in 1623. So, if Stratford is already dead, why is Jonson imploring us to "hang" him? It's a true life mystery!


So, if you are at all interested in reading the rest of this 50 page e-book, please CLICK HERE. I promise NOT to say, uneducated people or poor people could not have written the works. I am not a fan of snobbery either. Also, there are scant facts available, so you will need to exercise a bit of common sense. This is where you can download a .pdf version of the book. You can also find it on Amazon both as a paperback and for Kindle reader.

Edward DeVere, the 17th earl of Oxford


hang shakespeare
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