Where “North by Shakespeare” Goes South

A few weeks ago, I was pimping my book Shakespeare’s Lost Years when I got a phone call from an Oxfordian. He told me that he had jumped ship and suggested that I too bail from the Oxford boat and join Dennis McCarthy’s crew.

 McCarthy is the rogue scholar who researched North by Shakespeare. The Oxfordian told me to watch the video Dennis made in response to Ros Barber. It’s available on YouTube:

Fast forward to a few days later, I was having lunch with my wife in a Mexican restaurant and I could hear an Enrique Iglesias song playing in the background. I recognized it as “The Ping Pong” song but it was sung in Spanish. In my head, I started to translate the lyrics but they didn’t make sense to me. The Spanish lyrics, not the melody, differed completely from the English version.

 That’s when I realized something. Call it an AHA moment. How two people will translate things differently. Later I did some checking and my guess turned out better than I thought.

Thomas North translated things differently than people. After all, Thomas North had attended Lincoln’s Inn and trained to be a lawyer. He was in the military and worked as a judge.

 Could I prove it?

I followed my gut and found more evidence, and I think I have solved the Shakespeare authorship mystery. I wrote it up and it’s about 105 pages. CLICK HERE

It’s called Where North by Shakespeare Goes South.   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C1T8DMJW/